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As ‘followers of the music” the Entourage is a young vibrant band of five musicians living a dream and exciting audiences throughout Trinidad and Tobago for the past three years with their talent. They strive to create followers of every genre of music from Reggae to R&B to Soca, Pop Rock and Island Pop.

These talented teenaged musicians – Chryston Floyd, Justin Sinanan, Jean-Pierre Camps, Azriel Bahadoor and Christian Kalpee – have been an inspiration to young people throughout the country as they strive to unleash the talent of other young talented teenagers when others say it can’t be done. That’s why all members of the band are committed to each other and to the quality of their music.

What started in the school music festivals and musicals of Presentation College, San Fernando and Naparima College has now emerged as a musical experience for all, judging from the quality and energy of their 45 minute performance at the KTB live concert in July 2013 where they lived their dream of playing on the same stage with Kes the Band and many other music legends.


They have performed a wide genre of music to packed crowds at Fiesta Plaza over the last two years moving from the teen brain coolers in July, to the Christmas family concerts in December, being the feature artistes for the official launch of the One Direction movie launch ‘This is us”, to the hour long energy-filled at the Carnival Friday Village alongside Imij and Co belying their youth and being named as one of the best young bands in the country by the musical pundits who have heard them.

The Entourage has also been embraced by corporate organizations playing at many company official functions, staff dinners and end of year celebrations with great reviews from the likes of Fluor Daniel, Methanol Holdings, Petrotrin and BPTT. They have also kept their teenaged fans close by performing at their graduation balls across the country and at the Hyatt, Hilton and Cara Suites Hotel ballrooms.

As the five friends making up the band also balance their music as full-time tertiary level students in the fields of Engineering, Computer Science, Law, Marine Biology and Geoinfomatics they want other young people to not only feel their music but also reach for their own stars – never giving up on themselves.

They strive to make their music better and better everyday and to fully support the other young bands on the same journey – for they know that they all share the same passion and a never-ending hunger for the music. They are indebted to their fans and critics alike as they can never be true followers of the music without listening and taking up the challenge… after all they have the power to dream …