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“Drumming is not a job…it’s a passion; it is a way of life …”

Aaron’s love for drumming is portrayed by his dedication of his life to the art.When one hears the hypnotic sounds of his drumming it is hard to believe that such level of mastery can be found in drummer this age. With a quarter century of drumming experience, one could say he was practically born into it, cutting his teeth performing for the LaCadco dance company. Being the son of L’ Antoinette Stines, LaCadco’s founder did not mean that he had an easy path as his mother was a stern taskmaster always demanding perfection.

It wasn’t always an easy road for this drummer. Growing up in an era when people weren’t always as accepting and supporting of the art form as being a career Aaron was faced with criticism and questions as to why he would want to pursue drumming as his career. However, he did not let this discourage him and went on to be called drumming prodigy whose talent could captivate their minds and resonate through their souls.

In 2004 his passion earned him the Rita Marley Scholarship to pursue drum studies at The University of Ghana’s Noyam Institute of African Dance and Drumming. With a wealth of knowledge gained by years of experience, Aaron has become an expert drummer in Nyabinghi, Samba , Merengue , Jazz, High Life, Reggae and a number of other genres. But his achievements do not stop here.

His versatility has lead him to hosting an array of workshops in Dance and Drumming across the world on continents such as: North and South America, Asia, Europe and has even toured Japan, Cuba, Bermuda and a selection of The Caribbean Islands, parts of Europe, Mexico Spain and Africa. His expansive portfolio even includes him been a musical drum director for the World Cup Opening Gala in Jamaica.

It is this skill set and talent which stemmed from passion has lead him on stage to play for international artistes such as Ben Vereen, Diana King, Third World and Etana just to name a few. This is only the beginning…his goals for the future include touring world stages, producing his own album and leaving his craft behind tone after tone …